Who Are We?

We are a certified white hat agency of professional ethical hackers. We are an anonymous group of young hackers. Maybe one of our team members is in your neighborhood.

Why Choose Us?

We are a professional team that believes in only and only success. We burn our midnight oil to give 100% of what the client wants.
Our testimonial proves that thing. We have completed a huge number of tasks with a 90% success record. All your details will be kept private.
It makes us different from other professionals. Some hackers don't believe in privacy. But all your data will vanish after your work is done.

Social Media Hacker

You can hire a hacker for social media hacking. We provide white hat hacking services for major apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. on rent.

Mobile Monitoring

Hire a mobile phone hacker for mobile monitoring service. It is good to check his/her all online details before taking next steps in a relationship.

Website Hacker

Are you looking to hire a hacker for website security on rent? Our white hat hacker services agency can help you in both ways, to increase the security of your website or to break the security of others.

Special Hackers

Need help from a hacker for any special reason? Let hireverifiedhacker help you out!

Our History and Why We are publicly Visible?

We were a team of few guru hacker in the dark web. Last few years we were providing our ethical hacking service with 99% of customer satisfactions. Lot’s of peoples can’t find the right hacker for hire URL in the deepweb because of they are not a tech savvy. And most of these new clients was referred by our existing clients. Our existing customers were offering us to visible in the Internet to resolve this problem!
These days, dark web not that difficult to access who has basic knowledge of computer and Internet. So lots newbie going there and claiming themselves as pro hackers what we did not like. There was another issue in the Internet, too much spammer. But still, Every experience made us think seriously to be visible publicly.
The only reason we are here is Providing True Hacking and Real Hacking Services and save some peoples getting scammed by fake hackers!

Our Mission

There are thousands of peoples getting scammed by fake hackers for hire. Our main mission to secure you by providing real hire a hacker services.

What We Do

We do lots of thing online. But we are not malicious hacker team. We help them who seriously help with computer hacking, web/database hacking, various accounts recovery.

Our Process

1. You Contact us!

First step is you contact Spyandhack with your hacking request. If we think we can do the job, we reply you back with our terms and conditions!

2. Get Agree to our Terms

If you get agree to our terms and conditions we may ask you additional information of your requested hacker for hire service.

3. Talk About Payment

We discuss about the payment. Because we can’t work for freely. We need to make sure you can pay our consultation fee!

4. Analyzing

We can’t hack anything instantly. In this step our hacker start analyzing the target and gather as much information as possible!

5. Attacking

When we have enough information and vulnerability, we start executing our attack. This is where we expect our success which depends on you and the step 4.


Some task may take 24 hours and some take maximum 5 days. So within this time we complete our job and deliver to you!